Common Problems

Common Questions

1. Anyone who successfully registers as a new member of Novatec shopping website can get 5000 bonus points;

2.Members who subscribe to the e-newsletter can receive notifications of promotional activities and the latest news of Novatec from time to Time.

Please register as a member of Novatec shopping website first, we will send a confirmation letter to your registered e-mail address, you can click on the URL linked in the confirmation letter to return to this shopping page, and start to click on your shopping page as a member Purchased items. In the future, you can directly log in with your user name and password to enter this shopping website for the shopping process.

You can use a credit card (limited to the orderer himself) to complete the payment.

After you complete the payment, we will process your order as quickly as possible, and prepare to ship according to the delivery location you specified. The estimated days from receiving the order to confirming the arrival of the goods are as follows:

5-7 business days

*Working days refer to working days excluding Saturdays, Sundays and national holidays.

Novatecc cooperating with shipping companies:

Shipping from USPS, UPS, OR FEDEX

you can enjoy free shipping for purchases over $599

For international delivery, it will be calculated according to the country and the volume of the purchased product, and additional delivery fees will be charged.

  1. Before purchasing, please read the product information and specifications in detail to avoid returns and exchanges.
  2. f you have any questions about products, shipments, returns or exchanges, please contact us directly.

In accordance with the provisions of the Consumer Protection Law, consumers of the Novatec shopping website are entitled to a seven-day hesitation period when the product arrives. However, the returned goods must be brand new and fully packaged (keep the integrity of the goods, accessories, packaging, shipping cartons and all accompanying documents or materials), otherwise the return will not be accepted. However, unpacked products and consumables, as well as products specifically stated on the product webpage, cannot be returned.

When consumers return the goods, please contact us to confirm the relevant information that needs to be prepared, and prepare the original goods and pay the freight by themselves, and send the returned goods to the Novatec shopping website (Address: 1164 OLD 441 North, Clayton, Georgia 30525 (ATTN E-SHOP Department))。

Please note! the orderer needs to provide information documents (such as invoices, return application documents, etc.) during the refund process, please send the received invoices ,Address:1164 OLD 441 North, Clayton, Georgia 30525. The returned product should keep the original package intact, together with spare parts, gifts, user manuals, etc., no missing parts, no damage to the outer box, please use the original packaging when it was sent by Novic, and keep it intact. If the carton has been lost , please repack it on the outer box of the product. Do not directly paste the home delivery order or write on the original outer box of the product. If the original outer box is damaged or the product is missing, Novatec will not be able to accept returns or refunds with discounts depending on the degree of damage Amount (apply within seven days after the arrival of the goods, and if the application is not completed within the time limit, the refund will not be processed except due to the original defect of the goods.) Novatec received the returned goods and related documents from consumers After completing the documents and confirming that the acceptance is correct, Novatec entrusts the refund to the third-party payment platform (). For related refund operations, please refer to the website of .

First, please contact Novatec and follow the procedure below:

For every purchase of goods on Novatec shopping website, $1 can accumulate 1 point of bonus gold. Novatec will hold promotional activities from time to time, including bonus cash discounts, double bonus bonuses, limited-time bonus shopping discounts, etc. The bonus points purchased in marketing activities will be determined based on whether the order is established or not , if the order is canceled afterwards and the return is confirmed, this website has the right to claim to deduct the gifted bonus. Please pay attention to the latest event information on the website or subscribe to Novatec Newsletter.

If you pay with “Partial Bonus” when you shop, Novic will issue an invoice to the customer for the difference; if you pay with “Full Bonus”, no invoice will be issued.

In the event of a return of goods purchased with bonuses, the system will automatically return the bonus points used that time after the return process is confirmed.

1. Enjoy a two-year warranty from the date of purchase

2. Non-original purchasers are not covered by this two-year warranty

3. During the warranty period, a set of wheels can be replaced for free if there is a frame burnt phenomenon under normal use after being judged by Novatec

1.The buyer is responsible for the shipping fees when sending to Novatec, and Novatec bears the shipping fee to be sent back to the buyer.

2. If the warranty period exceeds 2 years or is not subject to the warranty, and there are frame burnt, damage or other quality problems under normal use, please take a photo of the product problem and contact us, and we will accept the parts according to the repair status of the product Fees and Wages

Write to us with your questions