Terms of Service

Terms of Service of Novatec Global Marketing Branch

Welcome to become a member of the "Novatec" website. The services of this membership and website are provided by "Joytech Group". When you follow the guidance of this website to complete your instructions, it means that you are willing to exercise your legal rights in the form of electronic documents and are willing to undertake relevant legal obligations.

These Terms of Service (hereinafter referred to as "the Terms") are the conditions of use for all related products and services (hereinafter referred to as the "Services") provided by Novic Global Marketing Branch (hereinafter referred to as the "Company").

一 Definition

These terms use the following terms:

1.“Content” refers to content such as text, audio, music, pictures, videos, software, programs, codes and other information.

2.“Content” means the content that may be linked through the Service.

3.”Contribution content” refers to the content contributed, transmitted and uploaded by users to this service.

4.“Individual terms of use” refers to the written documents distributed or published by the company under the titles of “terms”, “guidelines” and “policies” related to this service and different from these terms.

二 Consent to the Terms

1. Users should use the service in accordance with the provisions of these terms. Once the user agrees to abide by the terms and take effect, it cannot be revoked thereafter. Those who do not agree to the terms are not allowed to use the service.

2. If the user is a minor, he must obtain the consent of his legal representative before using this service. If you apply for this service When the user is not a natural person, the service shall be used only after the person with the right of representation agrees to the contents of this agreement.

3.Once the user actually uses the service, it will be deemed that the user has validly and irrevocably agreed to the terms.

4.When there are individual terms of use for this service, in addition to these terms, users should also use this service in accordance with the provisions of the individual terms of use.

三 Changes to the Terms 

When the company judges it is necessary, it may change these terms and individual terms of use at any time without prior notice to the user. The amended terms and conditions and individual terms of use will become effective when they are posted on appropriate places on the website operated by the company. If the user continues to use the service after the changes to these terms and individual terms of use, it will be deemed that the user has validly and irrevocably agreed to the changed terms of this term and the applicable individual terms of use. Since the company will not notify users of relevant changes individually, users are requested to refer to the latest version of these terms and the applicable individual terms of use when using this service.

4. Account

1. When users use this service, if they have relevant information about the registered user, they should provide true, correct and complete information, and make frequent revisions to update the information.

2.When users use this service, if they have a registration password, they shall be responsible for keeping it strictly to avoid improper use. All actions performed using this password are regarded as the actions of the user himself.

3.Users who register with this service may delete their account at any time to terminate this service.

4.If the company believes that the user has violated this clause or is in danger of violating it, it may suspend or delete the account without prior notice to the user.

5.All rights of the user to use the service shall be lost for any reason since the account is deleted. Even if the user accidentally deletes the account, the original account cannot be restored, please note.

6.The account of this service is exclusively for the user. All the user’s right to use the service shall not be transferred, lent to or inherited by a third party.

5. Privacy

1.The company respects the privacy of users.

2.The company properly handles users’ privacy and personal data in accordance with this service privacy policy.

3.The company will manage the information collected from users in a safe manner and take strict measures for security management.

6. Provisions of Service

1.For the use of this service, the user shall prepare the necessary personal computer, mobile phone, communication equipment, operating system, communication method and electricity at his own expense and responsibility.

2.The company may provide all or part of this service to users who meet the above conditions according to the age of the user, whether the user has completed the identity verification operation, whether the user has registration information, and other conditions that the company judges necessary.

3.When the company judges it is necessary, it may change all or part of the content of the service at any time without prior notice to the user, and suspend the provision of the service.

7. Advertising 

The company may publish advertisements of the company or third parties on the service.

8. Business Partner Services

This service may contain services or content provided by other operators that have business cooperation with the company. The responsibility for such services or content shall be borne by the provider of the service or content. In addition, the terms of use and other conditions stipulated by the provider of the service or content may apply to such service or content.

9. Content

1.The right to use granted by the company to users based on the content of this article is non-transferable and sublicensable, and is non-exclusive, and is for the sole purpose of using this service.

2.If the content used by the user stipulates other conditions of use such as the usage fee and the period of use, such usage conditions shall be complied with. Even if words such as “purchase” and “sell” are displayed on the service interface, the company’s intellectual property rights and other rights related to the content provided by the customer will not be transferred to the user, and the user is only granted the above-mentioned right to use.

3.Users are not allowed to use (including reproducing, transmitting, reprinting, modifying, etc.) this content beyond the use conditions stipulated in this service.

4.Users are requested to store a backup of the submitted content by themselves. The Company is under no obligation to store backup copies of Contributions.

5.This service may have editing functions that allow most users to contribute, modify, and delete. In this case, the user agrees that other users can edit the content contributed by the user.

6.The user’s rights to the submitted content remain unchanged, and the company has not obtained the relevant rights. However, the submitted content is the content that will be disclosed to other users who are not in the friend list. The user authorizes the company to use the submitted content for services or promotional activities free of charge, indefinitely, and in an unlimited location (including To the extent necessary and appropriate, the company has the right to make omissions and other changes. It also includes the company’s right to sublicense the relevant use rights to third parties with whom the company has business cooperation).

7.When the company needs to confirm whether there is any violation of laws and regulations or the provisions of these terms, it may confirm the content of the submission. But this does not mean that the company is obliged to make such confirmation.

8.When the company believes that the content submitted by users violates the law or there is a possibility of violating the provisions of these terms, or when there are other business needs, it may restrict the content of the content submitted in this service by deleting the content without prior notice to the user. use.

10. Prohibited Matters

Users are not allowed to engage in the following behaviors when using this service

1.Violation of laws, court judgments, rulings or orders, or administrative actions that are legally binding.

2.Acts that may endanger public order or good morals.

3.Acts that infringe on intellectual property rights such as copyrights, trademark rights, and patent rights of the company or third parties, reputation rights, privacy rights, and other rights stipulated in laws and contracts.

4.Contributed or transmitted content that exhibits excessive violence, excessively sexually suggestive, discriminatory representations involving race, nationality, belief, gender, social status, family background, etc., induces or promotes suicide, self-injury, or drug abuse , Other behaviors that make people feel unpleasant, including anti-social plots.

5.Acts of disguising the cost of the company or a third party or intentionally disseminating false information.

6.The behavior of sending the same or similar messages to an unspecified majority of users (except those approved by the company), the behavior of randomly adding other users as friends or group message boards, and other behaviors that the company judges as spam.

7.The behavior of exchanging the right to use this content for cash, property or other economic benefits by means other than those stipulated by the company.

8.Acts for the purpose of marketing, publicity, advertising, solicitation or other profit-making purposes (except with the consent of the company), acts for the purpose of sexual or obscene acts, acts for the purpose of knowing or interacting with the opposite sex who have not met before, acts to harass or Acts aimed at slandering other users, or other acts of using this service for a purpose different from the purpose of use stipulated in this service.

9.Acts of providing benefits or other assistance to antisocial forces.

10.Solicitation to participate in religious activities or acts of religious groups.

11.Improperly collecting, disclosing or providing other people’s personal information, registration information, use record information, etc.

12.Interfering with the server or network system of this service, using BOT, cheating tools, or other technical means to improperly operate the service, intentionally exploiting the loopholes of this service, repeating the same question beyond the necessary limit, etc. to make improper inquiries to the company or requested behaviors, other behaviors that hinder the operation of this service by the company or the use of this service by other users, and create interference.

13.Supporting or facilitating acts that fall within any of the preceding items 1 to 12.

14.Other acts that use this service are illegal and judged to be inappropriate by the company.

11. User Responsibilities 

1.Users shall use the service at their own responsibility, and shall bear all responsibilities for all actions and results of the service.

2.When the company believes that users use the service in violation of the terms of this agreement, it will take measures that the company judges are necessary and appropriate. However, this does not mean that the company is obliged to prevent or correct such violations.

3.When the Company suffers any damages (including the burden of attorney’s fees) directly or indirectly due to the user’s use of the service (including the complaint received by the Company from a third party for such use), the user shall comply with the Company’s requirements. Immediate compensation.

12. The Companies Disclaimer

1.Whether express or implied, the company does not guarantee that the service (including this content) is free from factual or legal defects (including safety, reliability, correctness, completeness, validity, suitability for specific purposes, security, etc. related defects, bugs or bugs, infringement of rights, etc.). The company has no obligation to the user to provide the service after removing such defects.

2.The company will not be responsible for all damages caused to users due to this service. However, the relationship between the company and the user None of the agreements exclude the application of the Consumer Protection Law and relevant mandatory regulations.

3.Even under the circumstances stipulated in the proviso of the aforementioned item 2, among the damages caused to the user due to the company’s negligence (excluding gross negligence) or torts, the company’s damages caused by special reasons (including Neither the company nor the user shall be liable for the damage that has been foreseen or may be foreseen). In addition, for damages caused to users due to non-performance of debts or torts caused by the company’s negligence (excluding gross negligence), the compensation is limited to the usage amount collected from users in the month when such damages occurred.

13. Applicable Law and Court of Jurisdiction 

Disputes between the user and the company due to the service of this contract should be first mediated with the company. If no consensus can be reached, the Taiwan Taichung District Court shall be the competent court, and the currently effective laws and regulations where the court is located shall be the governing law .