1.According to the Consumer Protection Law, consumers of Novatec are entitled to a seven-day appreciation period when the product arrives; however, special labeling instructions, special packaging products, software or audio-visual disc products must not be opened, otherwise returns will not be accepted.

2.Novatec accepts the buyer’s return and exchange, and the return and exchange guarantee period is within 7 days from the receipt of the product. If it exceeds this period, it will be deemed as acceptance and cannot be returned or exchanged. And please all consumers pay attention to the following:

A. Defective products returned After inspection and testing, if the product itself is found to be flawless, the buyer must pay all related expenses incurred.

B. If the buyer receives the goods, if the goods are damaged or scratched due to non-human factors, or the packaging is damaged and incomplete during transportation, please notify the customer service personnel of the company as soon as possible, and we will conduct product defect or damage identification, and as soon as possible Ship new products to you.

C. All customers who want to return or exchange goods must E-mail or call Novatec customer service center and provide: order number, reason for return or exchange, your name and contact number, and E-mail address.

D. If the goods ordered by the buyer are in good condition, and they want to return the goods due to personal reasons (personal preferences, etc.), and the buyer is responsible for the freight, the returned goods must be in “new state” (if used and installed, then Returns are not accepted), including main products (wheel sets, ratchets, inner and outer tires, brake blocks), user manuals, peripheral parts, gifts, and purchase certificates, otherwise Novatec has the right to refuse to accept returns.

E. If the product is malfunctioned, damaged, worn, scratched, dirty, damaged or incomplete due to human factors caused by the consumer’s improper use and disassembly, or the invoice and accessories are not complete, the return will not be accepted.

[Return time] The return procedure takes one to two weeks to process (calculated from the date of receipt of the return). After the procedure is completed, the specialist will notify you of the relevant matters.