Demon XL 29″

The place where you cheers your crew for everything your thankful for, flip the fun switches and just before you point your rig into the void below you take that deep breath.  This is the place we treasure the most, we live for those moments and all that follow.  The Demon XL is our answer for everyone looking for the wheelset to accompany us in these moments, regardless of what comes next.

  • Boost Only Front and Rear Hub
  • 30mm Inner Width
  • Enduro Plus 35mm Width
  • Tubeless Ready with Micro Peened Rim Profile
  • Heat Cured Graphics Are Light & Can Withstand Hard Off Road Abuse
  • DSN Nipples
  • Weight: 2180 grams / pair
  • Weight: 2170 grams / pair for Super Boost
  • MSRP  US$499