600 340 Novatec 2017

Catch The Action From Fort William Qualifying

600 340 Novatec 2017

Swatch Rocket Air 2017 – Live Stream Finals

600 340 Novatec 2017

Take a Ride Down Sprint Warrior with Sam Blenkinsop

600 340 Novatec 2017


600 340 Novatec 2017


971 596 Novatec 2017

Come Down to the All New DH Track

come down the all new dh track at Christchurch Adventure Park going to be a fun race this weekend for NZ open. Posted by Sam Blenkinsop on Wednesday, February 8,…

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734 432 Novatec 2017

European Downmall Tour at Budapest

676 348 Novatec 2017

Back to the Field

META HT AM – Momo & Bisous These days Amaury Pierron & Thomas Estaque of the Lac Blanc – Commencal DH Team are more accustomed to World Cup downhill runs…

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849 436 Novatec 2017

Team MIA Santa Cruz rips the trails in the Philippines

721 440 Novatec 2017

Serlin Trail

531 293 Novatec 2017

Contest Freestyle in Shenzhen

Retour en vidéo sur le contest en Chine au mois de novembre dernier.Attention : vidéo de type extrême pouvant choquer les plus jeunes.Merci Will Camus, reporter sans frontières, d'avoir bravé…

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1080 608 Novatec 2017

Norco Factory Racing says Thanks to Race Face

After two great years working with Race Face, Norco Factory Racing will go into 2017 without them. Below is what they had to say: “First, we would like to thank…

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527 293 Novatec 2017

Riding Maniac

Some clips from yesterday's session!❄️

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527 292 Novatec 2017

Natural Habitat with Pich in Les Vosges

NATURAL HABITAT WITH PICH IN LES VOSGES Pierre-Charles Georges, c’est l’esprit du VTT à l’état pur. Descendeur en coupe du monde, enduriste sur les Enduro World Series, vainqueur de la…

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645 359 Novatec 2017

Antoine Bizet’s 2nd place run at Rampage 2016

848 434 Novatec 2017

The Summer Blizzard

834 436 Novatec 2017

Helene Fruhwirth – Bikepark Königsberg

647 363 Novatec 2017

R3-Disc introduction

1000 561 Novatec 2017

MAX Fredriksson’s 2nd Place Run from Joy ride

After years of hard work and dreaming about qualify for our biggest event in the sport, I finally made it this year! I'm still in shock after getting 3rd! That…

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1052 592 Novatec 2017

Tomas race run @joy ride

Too much fun is never enough. Red Bull Joyride is on Red Bull TV. Posted by Tomas Lemoine Fanpage on Sunday, August 21, 2016

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1080 608 Novatec 2017

Do some digging behind the Field Trippin’ scenes

1080 606 Novatec 2017